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2015 Nationals — Felix Basadre

Congratulations to One Time! They won the 2015 Cal25 Nationals in convincing fashion. Six out of seven bullets, what else can you say, very impressive. However, they did have to earn it. The competition was solid and everyone came to race. We had two very different days, Saturday was a typical Long Beach sea breeze […]

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2015 EBC Regatta

What a spectacular sight it was this past Friday to see the 10-strong Cal 25 class leading the fleet around the race course on a beautiful night.  Once again the Edison Boat Club threw a great party afterward – splendid evening all around. This Saturday is the Crescent Sail Yacht Club Regatta.   SIs here: […]

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2015 Summer Update

Summer is finally here, compete with the incredible joy of a cold beverage can that has been dug up from the lower layers of ice in the cooler such that a little bit of ice has wedged its way into perfect position for the delightful liquid to cascade over frozen water before bringing such happiness […]

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