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Weekly updates regarding DRYA racing in the Detroit area.

2015 North Channel Race

Nice showing from our fleet this past Saturday with 7 out for the final DRYA race of the season in warm and windy conditions. This Saturday is the Bayview Yacht Club North Channel Race. It is the last race of our championship counters for 2015, and more importantly is a classic and epic endeavor that […]

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2015 GPYC Bluenose Regatta

The Cal 25 fleet was impressive during the BYC Distance Race: 6 boats, all finishing within 11 minutes 28 seconds of each other after almost six hours of racing. This Saturday is the GPYC Bluenose Regatta. Sailing Instructions here:  Note: FREE tacos and FREE Dragonmead beer!!!!! And if you win….FREE Dragonmead hats! This is […]

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2015 Bayview Long Distance Race

Kudos to the four boats who went out in some chilly and windy conditions this past Saturday: Second Wind, Frunobulax, Clytie, and Patriot. The DYC Sweepstakes turned out to be another windward/leeward race day in which just one race got run….noting that the entire season yielded us only 5 windward/leeward races as we had one […]

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2015 EBC Regatta

What a spectacular sight it was this past Friday to see the 10-strong Cal 25 class leading the fleet around the race course on a beautiful night.  Once again the Edison Boat Club threw a great party afterward – splendid evening all around. This Saturday is the Crescent Sail Yacht Club Regatta.   SIs here: […]

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2015 Summer Update

Summer is finally here, compete with the incredible joy of a cold beverage can that has been dug up from the lower layers of ice in the cooler such that a little bit of ice has wedged its way into perfect position for the delightful liquid to cascade over frozen water before bringing such happiness […]

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2015 GPYC Summer Regatta

This Saturday June 27 is the GPYC windward/leeward regatta.   Normal C-Course start time of noon, race program here: Note that this is our last season-counter racing until August 15….meaning that including this Saturday and the North Channel we have exactly 8 racing days left in our season counter schedule.  When the slush is soaking […]

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2015 DYC Sweepstakes

Eight of us had a good fun race from GPYC to DYC on Saturday, with five different boats in the lead at one point or another.  Note that only seven Cal 25s got scored – if you are not a DRYA-registered boat you need to verify with the committee pre-start that you are there.  Half […]

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2015 GLYC – Early Bird — May-16

Six of us made our way out to the start line for the DRYA season-opening GLYC regatta in very dense fog.  Sort of fun especially as the CSYC contingent navigated as a group effort with a few humorous moments, but wouldn’t want to do that every week!  We got in one race in pretty good […]

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2015 Hind Hornet

The past few years we have had 5+ Cal 25 entries in the season-opening Hind-Hornett doublehanded regatta.  It is a fun race with a FREE barbecue at CSYC including beverages afterward.  Start and finish is off of Crescent, and the course goes to either the Saint Clair Light and back, or a closer buoy and […]

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