Cal 25 - Crew Listings

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Fleet Name Boat Name Phone Position(s) Memo
DET Adams, Stanley US1682 Freestyle 701 471-0242 Every Position New race program with a new owner. Looking for positive individuals who are willing to learn and looking to have fun sailing!  Freestyle is berthed at CSYC.
DET Healy, Don US15861 Second Wind 586 322-5896 Every Position Looking for crew for DRYA races on Saturdays & JAM races on Wednesday & Thursday nights. Second Wind is berthed at CSYC.
CA – Long Beach     DET – Detroit     MD – Annapolis     PH – Port Huron

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Fleet Name Phone Position(s) Memo
CA Reeves, Robert 213 448-7478 Any Position Beginner willing to do any position.
DET Fazio, Vince 586 242-1161 Any Position Beginner looking to race and learn. Sailed 2014 North Channel race with Patriot.
DET McAllister, Andy 586 596-7336 Any Position Beginner looking to race and learn.
CA – Long Beach DET – Detroit MD – Annapolis PH – Port Huron

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