Cal 25 – Boat Registry

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Details Sail# Yacht Name Owner Club Fleet
Details 12 Shang Hai Mike Boston BYC Detroit
Details 22 Moonraker Dick Ware Tampa Bay
Details 39 39'er Rick Zanotti CSYC Detroit
Details 115 Red Balloon Douglas Love Sea Scouts BSA San Francisco
Details 237 Wahoo X Sir Racer X Cameron
Details 239 Good Grief Detroit
Details 266 Makani Olu Bruce Spencer Hawaii
Details 290 Nemesis Bob Daniels ABYC Long Beach
Details 313 HUMMER Kent Colpaert BYC Detroit
Details 453 Upchuck Jimmy & Mike Praley
Details 454 Obscured by Clouds Stu Thompson BYC Detroit
Details 466 Patriot John & Tracy McAllister CSYC Detroit
Details 467 Big Daddy Charlie Legeman LBYC Long Beach
Details 468 Flash Karyn Macdonald CSYC Detroit
Details 478 Love Shack Barton Goldenberg
Details 485 5 Guys Named MOE Rob Boggs GPSC Detroit
Details 503 Short Bus Chris Sullivan
Details 600 Easy Going Brian Kritzman Gregory Detroit
Details 627 Felici Bryon Thomas
Details 630 Stray Dog Joe Lucido CSYC Detroit
Details 632 Target Practice Erik Ryan/Adam Hollerbach BYC Detroit
Details 657 Magic Jamie Shinske PHYC Port Huron
Details 681 Ronin Peter Sheils EYC Annapolis
Details 684 Stormalong Detroit
Details 688 Captain Obvious Keith Zeigler BYC Detroit
Details 692 Saving Grace Scott Austin PHYC Port Huron
Details 694 Chickenhawk Mark Pinney BYC Detroit
Details 708 Calliope Sloane Barbour GPYC / BYC Detroit
Details 726 Wicked Karl Kuspa & Bill Zemmin BYC / NSSC Detroit
Details 746 Cracker Jack Peter Wenzler BYC Detroit
Details 749 Pirogue John Shumaker BYC Detroit
Details 758 Never Alone Paul & Ross Nuechterlein CSYC Detroit
Details 778 Entropy Tim Moran CSYC Detroit
Details 779 Red Stripe Brad Kimmel BYC Detroit
Details 815 Spot John Anter PHYC Port Huron
Details 839 Mystical
Details 887 Black Dog C.J. Ruffing BYC Detroit
Details 894 Boneless Kerry Coyne
Details 896 Zephyr David Hoyt
Details 1029 holmebrew J. David Holme BYC Detroit
Details 1032 Scared Stiff John Burke BYC Detroit
Details 1040 Lake effect Tom Ferrara Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club New York
Details 1043 Bippy Geoff Stothard
Details 1062 Frunobulax Patrick J. Cazabon CSYC Detroit
Details 1084 Solvo Jim Morphew BYC Detroit
Details 1120 Longshot Matthew Evans
Details 1203 Harlequin Leo Surla
Details 1226 White Cap Tim Bloomfield
Details 1237 Blue Cloud Dave Williams BYC Detroit
Details 1239 Sehnsuchsbang Christopher Van Antwerp BYC Detroit
Details 1242 One Eyed Jack Lee & Kyle Bollhorst Long Beach
Details 1253 Just Ducky Rich Pond PHYC Port Huron
Details 1260 Alice May Brian DeGraw
Details 1291 Blew by You Bob & Suzanne Scoville BYC Detroit
Details 1297 Quintet Mike Miller
Details 1480 For Sail Jim Goldenbogen PHYC Port Huron
Details 1496 Whitefang John Harper BYC Detroit
Details 1498 Forty-Two David Simon CSYC Detroit
Details 1546 SeaChele Bill Averill Los Angeles Yacht Club San Pedro CA
Details 1572 Sea Champ Scott Smith San Diego Yacht Club San Diego CA
Details 1606 Krigare Marty Lostrom
Details 1621 Solitaire Bill Nater
Details 1633 Draco Brian Shenstone BYC Detroit
Details 1636 Salt 'n Pepper Pete & Ginny Mirland PHYC Port Huron
Details 1640 Vodoo Child Roy Lamphier DYC Detroit
Details 1651 Indefatigable Scott Sauvageot
Details 1655 Three Amigos Chris Rogers
Details 1657 Chicken Little Charlie Husar AYC
Details 1682 Freestyle Stanley Adams CSYC Detroit
Details 1695 Celeritas Gilbert Renaut
Details 1718 Flying Horses William Battle
Details 1806 Broken Drum Chris Van Tol
Details 1813 CL2 Geoff Swanhart
Details 1814 Rose Alee Dick DenUyl Dupie PHYC Port Huron
Details 1821 Cal Tip'n Kristi Merritt
Details 1823 Singularity Jim Carney Chesapeake Annapolis
Details 1830 Prestige Worldwide Ian Pouliot North Star Detroit
Details 1839 Lavita Ralph Dvorak Columbus
Details 1845 Hasty Will Farrell
Details 2631 Ablaze Rudy Wedenoja BYC Detroit
Details 5633 Clytie Hans Brieden / Sandy Svoboda BYC Detroit
Details 5854 Makani Jim Burdick
Details 5890 Cheap Thrill Chris Ramales PHYC Port Huron
Details 7163 Cheap Date Long Beach
Details 15861 Second Wind Don Healy GPBC Detroit
Details 15866 Summer Stock Terry Stocker CSYC Detroit
Details 17334 Discovery Warnock/Willingham HHYC Long Beach
Details 17850 One Time Art & Scott Melendres LBYC Long Beach
Details 20376 Lucky Strike Dr. Jaime J. Escalona San Juan Bay Marina Puerto Rico
Details 27232 Janes Addiction Steve & Jane Horst Long Beach
Details 28000 Xiphias Gaudio/Granath BCYC
Details 37265 Fried Green Tomatos Dylan Benjamin CSC
Details 46232 Tiburon Rick Sottile/Felix Basadre SIBYC Long Beach
Details 46728 Calamazoo Scott Holcomb CBYC San Pedro
Details 47150 Lipo Bob Kirstine LBYC Long Beach
Details 47150 Ramblin Rose Joe Jeffery Morris Cove Connecticut
Details 47815 Rhyme-N-Reason Donald Reiman ABYC Long Beach
Details 56019 Iguana Dennis Diem LBYC Long Beach
Details 56625 Indian Summer Stephen Gabbert Mission Bay
Details 56900 Espirit Marie Rogers LAYC
Details 67125 Rascal Dennis Riggs LBYC Long Beach
Details 67407 Quite Woman Mike Newey LBSSA Long Beach
Details 97873 Valkyrie Don Albrecht SSYC

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