How do I determine my sail number?

For my Cal 25, I have the hull number from the pink slip, but don’t know how to determine the sail number.  Any help? Thanks, Bob Reeves

Your sail number should be your hull number.   With the older boats, the hull number is on the inside of the hull on the starboard side.  I’ve seen them on the transom or the side of the hull up fairly high.   The newer boats (like mine) have the hull number as part of the registration number and the registration number is molded into the outside of the hull on the transom on the starboard side (I think that this became law for boat manufacturers about this time).  My registration number is CAB16330873.   I assume that this decodes as CAB = Cal Boats,  1633 = hull number 1633 and 0873 = August 1973 build date.  For boats who’s sail number has not been changed by the owner, the hull number should be the sail number.   In Detroit, almost all of the boats still carry the hull number as the sail number and this is true for the Annapolis fleet as well.  The California fleet mostly have changed there numbers because they were racing MORC for some time in the past and were therefore issued a MORC number.

— Brian Shenstone

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  1. Joe Jeffery July 14, 2017 at 5:55 AM #

    I’m new to boat ownership, but I unrolled my jib and sent in the number I found there. I sent that in to the webmaster. Assuming that it’s that simple.

    • John McAllister July 16, 2017 at 2:27 PM #

      It is that simple. Your sail number will be posted under the Boat Registry — thanks !!!

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