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The Very First Cal 25

Art and Scott Melendres are now the proud owners of the elusive and coveted Cal 25 Hull #1.

For years now I have heard the rumor that the Cal 25 bearing the distinction of being Hull #1 has been moored in the Naples community of Long Beach, CA.  I never checked it out but recently my son Scott found it listed for sale on Craig’s List.  He and our crewman Pat Graham verified that it was, indeed Hull #1.  The boat’s history shows that it was originally registered in 1964.  The current owner had purchased it a few years ago with the intent of restoring it.  The restoration never occurred and thus she put it up for sale.  We made the purchase for the sum of $600.00.

The boat is in surprisingly sound condition.  The deck is solid, the fiberglass is in fair condition, and the standing rigging appears to be good.  The boom was broken and the cost of replacement will probably match the cost of purchase.  There is a “huge” air vent on the front deck, the purpose of which I have no idea.  The vents life span is short however; it probably doesn’t know it yet.

The primary issues with the boat appear to be “cosmetic.” It is in need of a large dose of “TLC” which I am positive it will receive. I’ll keep you tuned in on how this restoration project will develop. The bottom line here is that the very first Cal 25 off the production line is found, sound and is destined to once again be “proud.”

— Art Melendres

Patriot wins the 2016 Detroit Cal 25 Season Championship

Patriot and her crew win the Season Championship for the third year in a row by winning the Spring, Summer & Overall DRYA Series, first in the Cal 25 Short Course series and winning the Cal 25 Long Distance series four years in a row.

Patriot Owners
John & Tracy McAllister

Jim Weitzmann, Andy McAllister, Debbie McAllister, Adam Lounsbury

Click here to see more …

Draco wins the 2016 (50th) Cal 25 National Championship

2016 Cal 25 NationalsDraco, owned by Brian Shenstone and Bob Orr, won the 50th Cal 25 Nationals held in Annapolis, MD (Sept 3 through Sept 5).

Hurricane Hermine threatened the Atlantic Coast over the Labor Day weekend and the winds ranged from heavy to light & variable with everything in between.

The Draco crew of Brian Shenstone, Bob “Hurricane” Orr and Peter Becker of Bayview Yacht Club together with John McAllister and Paul “Loose Canon” Nuechterlein of Crescent Sail Yacht Club prevailed with consistency and skill in all weather conditions.


2016 Cal 25 Nationals
Draco #1633
Brian Shenstone & Bob Orr
Gallery of Champions

Initially, it looked as if the entire regatta was going to be a bust as winds were predicted to be in the high 20’s with gusts in the 40s and torrential rain – with winds escalating throughout the weekend.

In fact, day one was cancelled early morning due to Hermine’s high winds and waves on the Chesapeake. All crews enjoyed the day off with touring Historic Annapolis and engaging in pub crawls.

On Sunday, Hermine stayed out in the Atlantic and three races were held. The winds were their strongest during the first race.

The Californians – Art and Scott Melendez and crew – sailing One-Time, dominated – getting out in front at the start and staying out front. Their upwind speed was unparalleled. Draco pulled off a second with Jim Burdick and the Makani crew taking a third. The wind lightened up a little bit for the second race and the Californians managed to pull off another bullet, with Draco taking yet another second. Krigare, owned by Eric and Marty Lostrom, rounded out the top three.

The wind continued to lighten up more in the third race, and after a couple lead changes, the locals – Tim Bloomfield and the Whitecap crew took a first; followed by the Ronin crew – Peter/John/Christopher Shiels/ Wooldridge/Rogers – coming in second. Draco was pressing and ended with a close third.

Consistency paid off – putting Draco in first place at the end of day, with White Cap in second, followed by One-Time/Emesis.

Charlie Husar poured some Dark and Stormys and other libations at the Burnside dock after the first day of racing. Needless to say, all the crews thoroughly enjoyed the refreshments!!

On Monday, the course followed government markers and the race committee set a course resembling a square with an anchored freighter complicating one of the lay lines. The leaders fought it out in this race, only to succumb to a time limit, with the race not counting. The race committee was hopeful to get off another race, but the wind died completely, ending the regatta.

Annapolis pulled off a great event despite Mother Nature serving up a hurricane and threatening weather for the weekend. The hospitality was outstanding and the competitors, guests and members of the hosting yacht club had a wonderful time.

Congratulations to Draco for an unprecedented eighth win for the boat and seven National Championships for Brian Shenstone and Bob Orr.  Click here to see more …

Click here to see Bob Orr’s Racing Recap

Never Alone wins the 2016 Bayview One Design Regatta

2016 BOD Winner

Never Alone owned by Paul and Ross Nuechterlein sailed an outstanding series and convincingly won the BOD. They came out on top of the seventeen Cal 25s registered to race over the three day event, Jun-6 through Jun-8.

Day one provided light and variable winds for the racers to contend with. Never Alone dominated with two wins and two seconds. For Day 2, the wind was light to medium and Never Alone continued their winning ways as they took two firsts a second and a fourth. The final day, Day 3, was a blow down and Never Alone placed 7th in the only race of the day. With threatening weather the race committee abandoned the remaining races for the day.

2016 BOD - Never Alone 14

2016 BOD Winners
John , Ron , Paul & Ross, Ken

Never Alone’s crew of Paul and Ross, Ron Sherry, Ken Swetka and John Demers consistently demonstrated outstanding boat handling, hull speed and superior tactics.

Target Practice, defending champ, sailed a great series and finished 5 pts behind Never Alone securing a second place and 23 pts in front of Patriot finishing 3rd. Only one pt separated each 3rd, 4th and 5th place finishers, Patriot, holmebrew and Whitefang .

With the end of each day the comradery among the sailors was evident as stories about the day’s racing were shared, analyzed and thoroughly discussed. All participants had a great time on and off the water. Click here to see more …

One Time tops the Wet Wednesdays Series

The first Wet Wednesday series is in the books (May-20 – Jun-24, 2015). Congratulations to One Time. They came out with their hair on fire with three bullets in the first three races. Tiburon tried to fight back with 2 bullets of their own in the ensuing two races. So it was really a match race between One Time and Tiburon last night. Tiburon had a chance if they could get themselves a victory and beat One Time on the tie breaker. It didn’t happen. One Time took care of business with a bullet to close out the series with an impressive victory. We missed Iguana last night, they were unable to make it out. Story I heard was that Dennis was boozing all day and forgot where he left the boat? I’ve got to give a shout-out to Go Big Daddy. They sailed great last night and almost rounded the weather mark in first place. One Time squeezed by them in first, Go Big Daddy in second followed by Tiburon in third. With the wind holding steady it was a routine finish with no drama in the channel. Click here to see more …

CAL25 17850-OneTime (3)

OK we have about seven weeks to go before Nationals (August 15th and 16th). That should give everyone plenty of time to get their boats and crews squared away. If you’re going to make one regatta this year, please make it the Nationals! Talk it up, get as many people fired-up as possible. There are boats that are available should someone want to put a crew together and enter. I guarantee it will be fun!

Long Beach Fleet Captain

— Felix Basadre

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